Health Programme Intervention and Evaluation in Guangxi – Gaoyou & Nongtuan Village

2013140108 - Health Intervention at Guangxi Nongtuan Village

Between 4 and 9 January, 2014, a team of 33 returned to Gaoyou (高友) and Nongtuan (弄团) villages in Guangxi province of China, to conduct an impact evaluation 12 months after a village-wide health education intervention campaign that focused on the harmful effect of cigarette smoking, dental hygiene and fire safety. 

In addition to evaluating the impact of previously implemented health programmes, an additional goal was to train students from health-related disciplines to deliver health education interventions in rural, remote and ethnic minority-based communities. Student groups from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University delivered a total of eight sessions of health education for over 200 villagers. The health education sessions covered topics such as the preparation of oral-rehydration solution, health impact of excessive alcohol consumption, waste-management and the prevention of urinary tract infections.

This evaluation trip marks the completion of the fifth studied site under the Ethnic Minority Health Project.