Ongoing Site - Gamai Village



Geographic location

Gamai Village, Dongba Township, Nangqiang County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province

Ethnic minority


Annual Household Income


Common natural disasters

Snowstorm, hailstorm, earthquake

Number of subgroups in village


Number of households in village


Total population in village


Specific Public Health Issues

Stomach upset and dysphagia represent two major health concerns, which may result from unhealthy dietary habits such as ingesting uncooked meat and can lead to diseases including stomach cancer. Variable but overall low numbers of villagers claim to be able to recognise the symptoms and link them to their potential causes.

Another area of concern is dehydration due to diarrhea. There is a general lack of awareness of the related symptoms and the steps required to properly prepare oral rehydration solution.

Survey also showed that only a few female villagers understand the concepts of vaginitis and the risk of progression to cancer, as well as the treatment methods. The need of promoting gynecological health in the village has been identified.

Disaster Profile

Gamai Village is at risk of natural disasters including snowstorm, hailstorm and earthquake.

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In the Field

Health Needs Assessment and Service Trip

The team conducted school-based health needs assessment in six remote township and village schools in Nangqian County, some of which were located at an altitude of above 4000 metres. The focus of the trip was on the assessment of the students’ and teachers’ health literacy level in boarding school settings. A validated national questionnaire on health literacy was used for the assessment. A total of 81 and 125 questionnaires were collected from teachers and students, respectively.

Based on the exploratory health needs assessment conducted in 2013 and the sharing of the villagers, the team conducted a health education talk in Gamai Village (尕买村)on swallowing difficulty and throat problem. Emphasising the need of cultural sensitivity in pastoral community settings, our female team members conducted another health talk on women health for female villagers.

Health Intervention

In total, 10 staff members and students from CUHK joined the trip, which benefited 280 participants.

  Health intervention topics:

    Earthquake disaster reduction and risk reduction
    Changes in the female body during puberty
    Menstruation and the use of sanitary napkins


Village Stories from Team Volunteers

“The Qinghai field trip in November 2014 is... a difficult enough task mustering the stamina of the team partners, mentally and physically, over the years so as to render professional assistance to the needy in the middle of nowhere. What counts the most is CCOUC’s sustainable development of the health measures and know-how for its recipients.

In brief, the team has demonstrated phenomenal efforts in translating their capabilities of different fronts into solid ground work through the goodwill touch with the local people and NGO. That’s how I have witnessed CCOUC establishing its institutional pride that shared by all its stakeholders and interested parties”.