CCOUC Field Trainees Recruitment 2022/2023

(Last updated on 26 August 2022)

The recruitment for field trainees of CCOUC field-training programme in the 1st term of 2022/2023 academic year is now open. We are now looking for passionate, energetic students to participate in the coming humanitarian field trip(s), which aim to provide unique opportunities for students to gain familiarity with public health practice in rural communities in China and other locations co-organised with our partners. The exact dates of the trip(s) will depend on multiple factors such as logistics (e.g. flight availability and local partner availability), weather, local village suitability, pandemic situation, etc.

Students will be involved in project planning, field-based health needs assessment, health intervention, project evaluation and report writing during the activities. Students are required to bear part of the transport and accommodation expenses involved. Students who are interested in becoming a field trainee please indicate your preliminary interest by sending an email to by 8 September 2022. Selection is required.

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