Our Regional Fellows

Ms. Gloria Kwong Wai CHAN (陈广慧女士)

Regional Fellow
June 2012 - September 2014

Ms. Chan is a professional journalist by training. After spending years in political news reporting in Hong Kong, she joined the international medical humanitarian organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres as the Director of Communications for the organisation’s communication effort in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. Her expertise was employed in the frontline of a number of emergencies over the world. Before joining CCOUC, she was the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Medical Association. Ms. Chan is currently a Board Member of Medecins Sans Frontieres Hong Kong.

Dr. Wenwen DU (杜文雯博士)

Regional Fellow
December 2013 - March 2014

Dr. Du works in National Institute for Nutrition and Food Safety, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention after she obtained her master's degree. She obtained her PhD degree in 2014. Her research focuses on public nutrition and policy, including nutrition survey, evidence-based nutrition intervention and nutrition-related policies. She is also interested in rapid nutrition assessment in emergencies and preventing and controlling malnutrition in disaster-affected population.

Current Projects:

  • Guidelines of nutrition security in emergency
  • Rapid nutritional assessment in emergency

Mr. Rinzin JAMTSHO

Regional Fellow
April - August 2012

Mr. Jamtsho is Head Deputy Secretary at the Public Grievance Redressal Office as well as a Political Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Completed project:

  • Disasters in Bhutan: Glacier Lake Outburst Flood Disaster Mitigation (seminar presentation)

Dr. Levina Chandra KHOE

Regional Fellow
October 2013 - March 2014

Dr. Khoe is an Indonesian medical doctor trained in the Master of Public Health programme in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Previously, she has worked as clinician and researcher in Indonesia, investigating health conditions of communities in mining areas. Her research interests include community health, public health in natural disasters, and disaster-related policies.

Current Projects:

  • Case Study on 2009 West Sumatra Earthquake
  • Case Study on Sidoarjo Mudflow in Indonesia
  • Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Climate Change and Health among University Students
  • The Impact of Coordination and Inter-organizational Cooperation on Health Cluster Performance in Indonesia

Dr. Elizabeth NEWNHAM

Regional Fellow
Since Feburary 2013

Dr. Newnham is a postdoctoral research fellow at the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health. Her work focuses on the psychological response of children and adolescents affected by war and disaster, and evidence-based intervention for trauma-affected youth. Dr Newnham completed her Master's in Clinical Psychology and PhD at The University of Western Australia and has conducted work in Australia, Singapore, Sierra Leone, India and the United States. She holds a concurrent position at The University of Western Australia and was recently awarded an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Early Career Fellowship. Dr Newnham is a CCOUC Regional Fellow investigating the mediating role of daily hardship in children’s psychological response to disaster in China.

Dr. Rosamund SOUTHGATE

Regional Fellow
January - April 2012

Dr. Southgate is a British medical doctor trained in Public Health Medicine in the UK. Since completing her MSc in Global Health Science at the University of Oxford she has worked for the UK Government’s National Health Service (NHS) in communicable disease control and health care public health in the Oxford region and has completed a secondment to the Government office for Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire County Council). In her spare time, Rosamund is co-lead for monitoring and evaluation for MedicineAfrica, an NGO that runs online clinical tutorials for doctors, nurses and students in Somalia and other African countries. At CCOUC, Rosamund worked on the health impacts of flooding on Hainan Island, the management of chronic disease following disasters and an international collaboration proposing to develop master's-level courses in disaster management.

Completed projects:

  • Human Security in Natural Disasters and Other Experiences of a Research Fellow at CCOUC (seminar presentation) 
  • The ethics of allocating health relief in resource-deficient environments: A reflection from the “Ethnic Minority Health Project” Field trip to Hainan in March 2012 (working paper) 
  • Selected publications: Using science for disaster risk reduction: Report of the ISDR scientific and technical advisory group 2013 (Download)