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The three fellowship programmes offered by CCOUC include:

a.   Regional Fellowship

The Regional Fellowship is a research-based programme that aims to provide disaster-related technical and theoretical training for key stakeholders in the region, who are at the forefront of disaster mitigation and community capacity building initiatives. Candidates are encouraged to apply to the fellowship programme with ongoing projects and/or scenarios from their home countries.

b.   NGO Fellowship

The NGO Fellowship targets for mid-career candidates from the humanitarian sector, who intend to strengthen their skills in the assessment, analysis, development and implementation of health-related programmes in emergencies and humanitarian crisis situations. All applicants must apply with a project proposal and/or a collaboration agreement related to CCOUC’s community knowledge transfer initiatives.

c.   Graduate Fellowship/Internship

The Graduate Fellowship is intended for doctoral candidates as well as master's degree holders, who are interested in the work of CCOUC. Candidates without a postgraduate degree will be recruited as Interns. The Fellowship seeks candidates from a wide range of backgrounds to foster inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas and will be awarded based upon the strength and originality of the candidates’ research proposals.


CCOUC welcomes undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals to join its projects as volunteers. All CCOUC
volunteers work closely with the project team and play a significant role in the coordination of its field-based activities.
Volunteers may be involved in the health needs assessments, health interventions and impact evaluations in field-based
humanitarian programmes in the Asia-Pacific Region.


CCOUC offers academic training in disaster mitigation and medical humanitarian crisis response for students from
undergraduate to postdoctoral levels with a wide variety of backgrounds. The trainings include lectures, media-supported
learning and role-play simulation exercises. 

a.   Master of Public Health Programme

In collaborations with the JC School of Public Health and Primary Care at The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
CCOUC offers six MPH courses, namely:

-    Climate Change and Planetary Health

-    Disaster and Humanitarian Crisis

-    Emergency Risk Communication in Disaster and Humanitarian Crisis

-    Food Security: Local and Global Perspectives

-    Global Health Perspectives of Humanitarian Crisis & Human Security

-    Research Methodology for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response

b.   Croucher Summer Course – Research Methodology for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response

The Croucher Summer Course is a five-day residential programme for early career and postdoctoral researchers
who aspire to gain skills in designing, conducting and evaluating evidence-based health interventions in the
context of humanitarian emergencies. Students learn from world-renowned scientists, network with peers
and participate in engaging and interactive discussions throughout the course.

c.    Online Courses

-    Public Health Principles in Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response

-    Climate Change and Health

-    Research Methodology for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response

-    Global Health Challenge for Human Security