Datan-Team walking in the field

Regional Fellowship

The CCOUC Regional Fellowship is a research-based fellowship programme for those who are interested in conducting research in the discipline of disaster and medical humanitarian response.

The aim of the Regional Fellowship is to provide mid-career individuals with training in theoretical frameworks so that the knowledge gained can be used for community capacity building and problem solving. Fellows are welcome to bring existing projects from their home countries for collaborative consultancy as well as knowledge transfer.

Through research, seminars, and other networking opportunities, CCOUC Regional Fellows will work to develop a better understanding of the critical challenges related to preparing and managing disasters, and spark new ideas for sound solutions. Typical projects include disaster case study, guidelines review and development, field-based needs assessment and evaluation, etc.

Fellowship period lasts from three months to six months, depending on the project scope.

Target Applicants
Two types of applicants are encouraged to apply:

Applicants are evaluated on the merit of their proposals, their ability to carry out the proposed research and/or project, the likelihood that the research can be completed during the requested fellowship period, and the extent to which CCOUC can contribute to the proposed research and/or projectagenda.

Interested applicants should fill in the application form and submit it with an updated CV and research/project proposal to before the applicaiton deadline. (Download application form)

Spring (on or after 15th January): 1st September
Summer (on or after 1st June): 15th February
Autumn (on or after 15th September): 1st May

Applicants are encouraged to solicit their own funding. A modest allowance might be provided to overseas applicants to subsidise lodging, meals, and local expenses on a case by case basis. Subsidies for travelling to Hong Kong might also be provided to eligible candidates. 

In 2013, two full scholarships were provided to two Bhutanese participants with the generous donation by Ms. Leonie Ki.