Research and Training Cooperation with Qinghai CDC

20131125 - Qinghai CDC Training - Sida Liu

CCOUC visited Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Qinghai Province (Qinghai CDC) on 10 November 2013 following the National Training Workshop for Disaster Health Emergency Management and Humanitarian Response held by the national Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) in Tianjin in late September 2013. Mr. Yue Jianning, the Director of Emergency Reponses Office of Qinghai Province and Associate Director of Qinghai CDC highlighted that the province is a remote western province with high proportion of economically underdeveloped areas. The local community is prone to natural disasters such as snow storm, draught and earthquake. Although local authority has put great efforts, the capacity of local community in disaster preparedness and response remains to be improved. Training and technical support are needed for both government official and local community. CCOUC and Qinghai CDC have reached a mutual understanding toward potential training and research projects during the meeting.