WHO Thematic Platform Meeting on Emergency and Disaster Risk Management for Health (EDRM-H) in Geneva

Five members of CCOUC were invited to attend the Thematic Platform Meeting on Research, Knowledge and Evidence for Emergency and Disaster Risk Management for Health (EDRM-H), hosted by WHO in Geneva, Switzerland from 25 to 26 January 2016. The meeting encompassed many stakeholders from various fields of health, including mental health, occupational health, environmental and social determinants of health, chemical safety, publications, research funding and more. Discussions revolved around mapping current programmes and activities in the health disaster research community and the development of a priority setting plan for future health disaster research.

CCOUC Director Professor Emily Chan chaired a session on the second day on “Strengths, weakness, needs and opportunities for EDRM-H reflecting on Day 1 discussion”. Through the session, the participants received a synthesis of the discussions from the first day and engaged in discussions regarding needs and opportunities for strengthening EDRM-H research, knowledge and evidence.

Through this meeting, CCOUC has strengthened partnerships with global actors and is involved in an ongoing development of the EDRM-H research agenda.

Group photo