Training Workshop for Senior Civil Servants of Guizhou Province of China

A training workshop for senior civil servants of Guizhou province of China with the theme of disaster response and management was organised by CCOUC on 27 Nov 2018 at Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care (JCSPHPC), CUHK. Mr CHIU Cheuk Pong, a Registered Nurse at CCOUC, held a sharing session on “Disaster Response and Management”. During the session, Mr Chiu introduced the Three Tier Hong Kong emergency response system, and used Lamma Island ferry collision in 2012 as an example for explanation. Mr Chiu also introduced other specific contingency plans in Hong Kong and had in-depth discussion of Daya Bay (nuclear power plant) Contingency Plan (DBCP) with participants.

Mr Chiu also shared the minimum standards in humanitarian response of the Sphere Project, training opportunities of disaster management in Hong Kong and current key working projects of CCOUC. He also shared his firsthand frontline experiences in health emergency response, project management and training with participants.