Train-the-Trainer Programme in Yunnan


To strengthen local partner NGOs’ capacity to develop, manage and sustain their own disaster mitigation programmes, a knowledge-transfer workshop was conducted in Kunming of Yunnan Province by CCOUC during 16-18 December 2013. The project team collaborated with Partners in Hope (希望之侣) (a local NGO focusing on rural environmental health in the province) and the Yunnan International Non-Government Organization Society (云南省国际民间组织合作促进会). The aim of the three-day workshop was to enhance the knowledge and capacity of disaster prevention and reduction in urban/ rural communities. A total of 33 participants from 12 local NGOs within the Yunnan United Rescue Network (云南联合救援网络) had participated in this workshop.

The training encompassed various aspects of disaster management, with a focus on project planning and implementation in emergency disaster situations. Topics covered include:

• Concept and application of project management cycle;

• Design and implementation of emergency needs assessment; and

• Emergency data management.