The Launch of Lancet Report on Healthy Cities in Beijing

Prof. Emily Chan and CCOUC delegates were invited to the launching ceremony of “Tsinghua-Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities in China: Unlocking the Power of Cities for a Healthy China” held in Tsinghua University in Beijing on 18 Apr 2018.

The report indicates that during the past few decades, China has undergone the biggest and fastest urbanisation in human history. By end of 2030, 71% of people in China will live in a city and the urban population is estimated to reach one billion. Urbanisation has brought urban citizens unprecedented health benefits, but challenges that threaten people’s wellbeing have also been emerging.

After two years’ effort of 45 local and international experts, the report has systematically reviewed the current issues and evidence associated with urban life, and provided the recommendations for a way forward to achieve global (e.g. UN Sustainable Development Goal 11) and national targets (Healthy China 2030). The report highlights that health issue can’t be resolved solely by the health sector, but requires participatory approach and intersectoral contribution of the whole community. There is an urgent need of integration of health into all policy making processes to address challenges from boarder health determinants such as environmental and social factors. Moreover, setting local specific goals and regular assessments, as well as enhancing research and education are also recommended by the report.

The full report is now freely available on Lancet website: