Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) Health Conference

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On 8 October 2013, delegates from CCOUC had been invited to attend the Health Conference hosted by The Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) which had brought together leading UK researchers, practitioners and policy professionals who are working on the rapidly developing field of environmental change and health research. In particular this conference had focused on the 'Health and Wellbeing' aspect (incl. Infectious diseases, mental health, NCD etc.) and delegates from CCOUC were grateful to have joined this conference meeting and there are a number of issues that could potentially guide the upcoming research projects in the centre. For instance, it was noted that inadequate survey and observations were carried out for the warming system(s) at this moment among the various environmental changes. Behavioural intervention in changing behaviours to improve health and the environment had also been mentioned and promising approaches involving interventions in policy and environmental systems were suggested.

This conference meeting not only successfully gathered the key funders and stakeholders to address and examine the important findings and challenges ahead pertaining the topics on environmental change and health and wellbeing, it also encouraged and inspired further research, data, and assessment methods that could help realize the health and welfare benefits of environment and other policies that are one of our centre's missions.


Some key ideas brought out in the conference: