Home Care Guidelines (COVID-19)

In view of the emerging needs for home care quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, CCOUC has developed home care guidelines based on advices of World Health Organization, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection, taking into account of Hong Kong’s local situations. A poster and a leaflet formats have been designed for easy distribution in the community.

These guidelines may also serve as useful resources for cities in comparable context, after being adapted for different local conditions such as lower population density allowing for more social distance and shortage in supply hindering the using of face mask. As Sphere Focal Point for China, CCOUC has also shared this poster with members of Sphere across the globe via Sphere Geneva Headquarters. Professor Martin Wong of JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, CUHK has participated in reviewing the content of the guidelines and Mars Media Academy in designing the layout of the poster and leaflet. This resource can be downloaded here.