Guest Lecture on Leadership at Fire and Ambulance Services Academy, Hong Kong Fire Services Department

Mr Chiu Cheuk Pong, Nurse of CCOUC, was invited by Fire Services Department to deliver a guest lecture on “Leadership in Emergency” to Principal Firemen at Fire and Ambulance Services Academy on 29 Nov 2018.

Mr Chiu started his lecture by the discussion of the differences between management and leadership skills in large organization. He then emphasized the significance of application of leadership skills in changing environment. Among different leadership theories, Mr Chiu introduced transformational leadership theory, and discussed the important skills in transformational leadership such as creating vision and direction, engaging followers through inspiration and empowerment and team morale building through trust and communication. He used his previous working experiences in emergency settings as example together with pictures for explanation.

He also introduced different leadership styles and concluded that management and leadership skills are not mutually exclusive but complementary and success leaders can switch flexibly between styles and skills in response to situation.