CCOUC NGO Fellowship 2013

The 2013 CCOUC Fellowship Programme was officially kicked off on 2 July 2013. Fifteen practitioners and researchers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Bhutan will participate in the summer courses in “Disaster and Humanitarian Crisis” and “Climate Change and Health” organized by CCOUC in the coming weeks.

Sponsored by CUHK’s International Summer School Programme, the objective of the fellowship programme is to enhance NGO’s capacity to provide evidence-based emergency assistance. Through classroom teaching, simulation, and interactive exercise, CCOUC’s community partners can also share their experience in health and development issues with CUHK students.

The year-long programme includes residential trainings, disaster seminar series, and events to promote the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

*Participating institutions/organizations:
Auxiliary Medical Service
Bhutan Ministry of Health
Bhutan Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
Civic Exchange
Hong Kong Red Cross
International Health Resources
MSI Professional Services
Partners in Hope
World Green Organisation

20130708 SPHPC-CCOUC Summer Institute