CCOUC Fellow Sharing Session: Post-disaster Insights and Experiences

Two CCOUC Undergraduate Fellows shared the experience of their works in CCOUC and their missions to disaster-prone and post-disaster sites in the CCOUC Fellow Sharing Session on 13 August 2014. 

Tiffany Yeung, a BSc in Public Health graduate, shared about the results taken from CCOUC’s Ethnic Minority Health Project intervention trip to Hongyan Village in Sichuan, of which she was a logistician for. Hongyan Village was struck hard by a massive flood in 2012. During the trip, interventions on disaster health literacy, waste management and reduction in alcohol and cigarette consumption were carried out. On top of the interventions, data and brief summaries on nutrition, mental health status and disaster preparedness practices amongst villagers were also presented. Lastly, a more personal insight of learning from field trips and CCOUC was shared with the audience. 

Jonas Lossau comes from Germany and is studying his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations in Scotland. In addition to the projects he involved in CCOUC, he shared his experiences and insights from the International Conference and Service Learning Program in the Visayas region of the Philippines 8 months after the supertyphoon Haiyan. In the context of a rural fishing community in Negros Occidental and the Visayas region, disaster response, community resilience, progress and current status as well as remaining challenges were elucidated. Jonas provided health intervention relating to the psychosocial health of female survivors residing in the Visayas region. The greater scope of learning stemming from his three-month CCCOUC fellowship was also shared.

The fellowship programme at CCOUC provides a diverse range of learning opportunities, ranging from research opportunities to field work. It is a valuable chance especially for those who are determined to engaging in work concerning community disaster preparedness capacity building.

Tiffany Yeung talked about her works at CCOUC.


Jonas Lossau presented his background and his engagements with CCOUC.