As a response to the International Day for Disaster Reduction 2013 of the UN office for disaster risk reduction UNISDR, CCOUC has launched a series of activities on 18 October 2013, the day after the University Foundation Day which marks the Golden Jubilee of the establishment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 50 years ago. The theme of this year is “Living with Disability and Disasters”. It focuses on some one billion people around the world who live with some form of disability. Representing one-fifth of the world's population, persons living with disabilities have unique contributions, often overlooked, to help reduce the risk of disasters and build resilient societies and communities.



18-20 Oct

A need assessment field trip to a remote Zhuang village in Yunnan with a team of 11 CCOUC staff members and CUHK students

22 Oct

Public Talk by Prof. Emily Chan on “Humanitarianism”, Conversations & Connections series, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

23 Oct

Public Talk by Prof. Emily Chan on the Knowledge Transfer Fund Project “Technical knowledge transfer of evidence-based health and medical humanitarian assistance to field-based practitioners in emergency and crisis (2010-2012)”, in the Awards Presentation Ceremony, CUHK Awards of Excellence in Social Engagement 2013 at LT9, 2/F, Yasumoto Int’l Academic Park, CUHK. This project has won the Best Interdisciplinary Award.

30 Oct

CCOUC 2013-14 Knowledge Transfer Activities: CCOUC NGO Fellows and NGO representatives Forum on “Disability, Disaster and MDGs”.


4-month exhibition of CCOUC rescue bag at the University Gallery in the University Library

2 Nov

Workshop for CUHK student volunteers on how to conduct humanitarian health intervention programs in remote, poverty-stricken, ethnic-minority-based and disaster-prone rural China.

3-10 Nov

8-day site-assessment field trip to remote and earthquake-stricken villages in Qinghai-Tibetan plateau by a team of 4 CCOUC staff members

11 Nov

Cross-border Humanitarian Knowledge Transfer: Lecture to provincial Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) in Shenzhen Research Institute, CUHK on Medical and Health Issues in Disaster and Humanitarian Response

15 Nov

Publication of a Chinese newspaper commentary on disaster risk reduction in Hong Kong following the disastrous strike of super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

16 Nov

Prof. Emily Chan’s public broadcast in a local radio station on humanitarianism and the humanitarian relief efforts of NGOs in Hong Kong

16-20 Nov

Three clinical members of CCOUC team set off to the Philippines to participate in the emergency relief operations after the strike of super typhoon Haiyan on 8 November.

17 Nov

Participation in the “Wu Zhi Xing 2013” Charity Walk organized by our NGO partner Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation

18 Nov

CCOUC 2013-14 Seminar Series I: Disability, Disaster and MDGs by Mr. Chong Chan Yau

19 Nov

Publication of an English newspaper commentary on disaster risk reduction in Hong Kong following the disastrous strike of super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

25-28 Nov

Participating in World Health Organization (WHO) Consultation Meeting in Jordan on developing 1) academic curriculum on emergency risk management in health sector, 2) trainings supporting the emergency risk management actions, and 3) a protocol for health emergency risk assessment

2-7 Dec

50 CCOUC Humanitarian Activities Exhibition

6 Dec

Signing Ceremony for the renewal of the MOU in Collaborations between University of Oxford and CUHK in CCOUC for 5 years

10 Dec

CCOUC Visiting Professorial Lecture: “Humanitarian Futures: Technologies Applications in Disaster Response” by Dr. Michael VanRooyen of Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Harvard School of Public Health

15-19 Dec

Cross-border Humanitarian Knowledge Transfer: Training of Trainers of evidence-based health and medical humanitarian response to field practitioners in Yunnan

5-9 Jan

Countdown to 1,000 days of CCOUC Humanitarian Journey: Health intervention field trip to Yunnan with a team of more than 40 CCOUC staff members and CUHK students

12 Jan

The 1,000th day of CCOUC’s birth